Welcome to our eco-friendly, off-grid Scottish bothy nestled in the picturesque landscape of East Lothian, Scotland. Situated on our farm just outside East Linton, our holiday let promises a one-of-a-kind getaway. Follow the scenic John Muir Way, winding through fields and hills, guiding you straight to TBWB.

Immerse yourself in nature with activities like wild swimming and gorgeous beaches, exploring East Lothian's stunning wilderness. After an adventurous day, unwind with a delicious meal at the local pub or treat yourself to fish and chips by the beach in one of the charming harbour towns – our local knowledge ensures you'll find the best spots.

Escape the distractions of technology and embrace the tranquillity at The Bonnie Wee Bothy. While TV and WiFi are absent, entertainment abounds with our collection of books, games, and soothing radio tunes. Gather around our inviting firepit, relishing the beauty of the Scottish countryside. And don't miss our outdoor bath, perfect for ultimate relaxation amidst breath-taking scenery. Get ready to experience glamping in style and reconnect with nature at TBWB.


In today's society, we are constantly pushed to move faster and do more each day. However, we hold a different perspective, recognizing that we were not created to function in such a way. In the midst of our hectic lives, it becomes crucial for us to take a step back, rest, and disconnect. 

We strongly believe that slowing down and embracing the beauty of nature can profoundly improve our emotional well-being, serving as the ultimate remedy for our modern lifestyles. Our mission is to help you re-establish a connection with the simpler things in life and embrace a slower pace. 

Nestled in the beautiful region of East Lothian in Scotland, our off-grid luxury bothy offers an idyllic retreat where you can truly switch off from the world. Leave your phone and notifications behind for a few days and indulge in genuine relaxation amidst the tranquillity and serenity of nature.